Terms of Service for Repairs

Computer Repair Service Warranty – 45 Days

Xcell Repair Plus warrants all computer repair services up to 45 days at no additional charge, this includes upgrades, modifications, and repairs that we conduct and document on your invoice.

Computer Hardware Replacement/Repair Warranty
Hardware related repairs carry the same warranty as well in most circumstances, a manufacture warranty. If your replacement part or device is tested to be defective and has failed under normal working conditions and is under manufacture warranty but exceeds the 45 days, a service fee will apply; otherwise we will perform the service again at no additional charge.

What is not covered under Computer Repair Warranty

  • Any type of tampering or breaking of warranty seal by the user or other parties
  • Any modifications or additional software, hardware, upgrades installed by the user or other parties.
  • Issues due to improper handling such as physical damage or misuse caused by the user or other parties.
  • There are no warranties for consecutive virus, malware, adware, or spyware infections unless determined by our technician(s) the infection’s origin and relation are similar to the original service repair. Unfortunately, as there is no 100% protection from these types of threats because no Anti-Virus/Spyware software is 100% regardless if its a Free or Paid. Therefore we install what we think will give you the best protection against these types of threats currently in circulation.
  • Manufacture warranty for hardware related repairs in excess of the 45 days, labor for re-installation will not be covered.
  • Manufacture warranty claims must be made through the manufacture during there specific limited warranty timeline and guidelines. In some circumstances the manufacture will require you(customer) to register the product(s) and return them via their RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) process in order to obtain a replacement.
Smartphone and Tablet Repair Warranty – Lifetime

Lifetime warranty is limited to the replacement parts we provide only for defects, malfunction, or failtures of installed hardware under normal working conditions and use. Under these circumstances we will perform the repair service again at no additional charge.

What is covered under our lifetime repair warranty:

  • Any internal or external replacement of parts and services we have performed and documented on your invoice.
  • Unresponsive touch, glitching, or “Phantom or Ghost” touch of your screen assembly.
  • Dead pixels, lines, or black or distorted image on LCD(Display) of your screen assembly

What is not covered under our lifetime warranty:

  • Signs of physical damage, misuse, or mishandling by customer or by others(friends, relatives, pets, etc).
  • Any form of Liquid damage
  • Cracked glass, gouges, broken LCD(Display), bends, twists
  • Current damages unrelated to original documented repair
  • Modifications either software or hardware unrelated to original repair.
  • Repair attempts by the customer or others to the device that resulted in damage.
  • Battery replacements – All battery replacements include a 1 year warranty.
Completion Time, Delays or Refusals

Xcell Repair Plus will make every effort to complete repairs on equipment within the estimated time, but does not guarantee that a repair will be completed within a specific period of time. Xcell Repair Plus shall not be liable for any delay in service due to any cause that is out of its control. Xcell Repair Plus reserves the right to refuse to provide the repairs or services ordered and instead refund customer’s payment at its discretion .

Manufacturer Warranties

You recognize that Xcell Repair Plus is an independent, third party repair company and is no way affiliated with any original manufacturer or insurance company. Repairs completed on your device by Xcell Repair Plus may void any manufacturer warranty or ability to utilize insurance providers. Xcell Repair Plus is not responsible for any warranty that is considered void after repair services by Xcell Repair Plus have been completed.

Replacement Parts

By using our services you recognize that Xcell Repair Plus is an independent, third party repair company not affiliated with any original manufacturer or insurance company. Like any repair provider outside the original manufacturer, Xcell Repair Plus does not always have access to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and may use OEM-Compliant replacement parts as an alternative.

You recognize that after any service is completed, the damaged parts that are replaced during service will become property of Xcell Repair Plus. Once payment for any repair or service is complete, you no longer have claim to damaged parts that were replaced or their value, and Xcell Repair Plus is now owner of damaged parts.

Payment for Services to be Rendered

Payment for repairs and services shall be paid in full prior to picking up a device. In some situations, Xcell Repair Plus requires a non-refundable repair deposit for high value replacement parts that require a special order.